HASiMED GmbH & CoKG offers global expertise and consulting activities

in the following professional minimal invasive business:

  • Neurovascular Business (Implants and accessories)
  • Peripheral Interventions (Implants and accessories)
  • Vascular Surgery (artificial vascular prosthesis)
  • Laparoscopy (trocars, staplers and accessories)
  • Endoscopy (trocars, staplers and accessories)
  • Urology (trocars, staplers and accessories)
  • Gynecology (trocars, staplers and accessories)
  • Oncology (chemo-embolisation devices)

in the Pharmaceutical industry

What support activities do we offer for you?

Customized Global Market Analyses for Medical Devices

in the field of Neurovascular and Peripheral Interventions

  • Stents
  • Flow Diverters
  • Thrombectomy Systems (Stent retrievers and Aspiration catheters)
  • Ballon catheters, Microcatheters, Guiding catheters
  • Guidewires etc.

Market experience in the following regions:

  • Europe (Including Eastern Europe), LATAM, MEA, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, Russia and some federation countries
  • Tailor made Business Development project for your individual company to adapt right Business Model

Sales and Marketing Development of YOUR Individual company

  • Identify your individual Sales Force – Direct Sales Employees or via Distributors?
  • Sales people hiring process
  • Develop today’s and future sales strategy
  • Motivational training of your sales team – How do you get teamspirit?
  • How to maintain and/or expand your sales growth – identify the right tools and right people in your team to be successful in the market! Implement personality development
  • Identify your right next steps to be successful
  • Do you use the right marketing tools and activities?

Support for Start-up Companies

  • Sales development with direct reports
  • Building and/or growing distribution network
  • Presenting sales strategies
  • Offering global network in the above mentioned areas

WE as YOUR right partner

 What identifies us for YOU to be the idealpartner?

  • We work customized for your company – no standard, everything fits to your situation
  • We have real market datas from the sales and marketing field for
  • We have a long and deep professional experience and excellent global network
  • We have long success stories in our history that will lead you to success too
  • We work specialized for you and your ordered project!
  • You save more money than with a fixed employee as
    – You can save company car costs
    – No regular salary with all additional costs YOU would have
    – You don’t pay money for days of sickness
    – You can always cancel the contract without finding reasons, troubles and accepting long termination time with payment
    – You have just costs with real working time and results
    – You don’t have an additional head count in your P & L!


haslinger-consulting is mainly represented by Irene Haslinger, working in cooperation with other knowledged companies

  • More than 25 years of professional life in high quality sales and market activities within the medical device industry and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Broad worldwide network within the minimal invasive industry
  • Excellent education to support multinational global players (over 20 yrs. professional experience) as well as smaller Start-up companies (5 yrs. professional experience).
  • Multicultural attitude
  • Following working experience in different medical device and pharmaceutical companies like: Acandis, American Medical Systems, Applied Medical, Baxter, Baxter, Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, Octapharma, Guerbet GmbH

coaching for experts 

  • Individual coaching for sales people and management professionals
  • Leadership seminars for individual groups